Why some raccoons are aggressive

Why some raccoons are aggressive

Most raccoons are in cities and suburbs so interactions with humans are usually quite tame. Most raccoons have been living around humans their whole lives and, while they fear us, they tend to just ignore us. 

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But why are some raccoons aggressive? Well I know everyone will jump to the conclusion that the raccoon has rabies but that isn’t all the cause. Though it is very important to stay away from raccoons who act weird and look sick and dizzy because they do have rabies and they can impart that illness to you very easily. 

The second situation where a raccoon may act aggressively is when you find yourself head to head with a female raccoon whos been busy raising babies. Raising kids is hard and the raccoon is likely very tense while it searches for food to get milk to food her young so its important not to get in her way and definitely don’t get between her and his babies. 

Now that is not all the reasons a raccoon may be coming up to you and acting aggressively. The raccoon may be young, a teenager, and like all teenagers they have rampant hormones surging through their bodies. For this reason they tend to be overly aggressive to anything that crosses its path, humans or animals.

If a bold raccoon starts to approach you you should not let it touch you, make loud noises and clap your hands and the raccoon should run away, whatever you do, don’t engage the raccoon in any sort of combat because it WILL win. 

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