Why raccoon repelents don’t work

Why raccoon repelents don’t work

Raccoons are very smart creatures. They are not chased off easily. You can try spraying your garbage with a mix of hot sauce, water, and a bit of dish soap. This will coat the garbage in a flavor the raccoons don’t really like. They will likely move on from your home to another on the street. But its more likely they will just dig down deeper to the garbage that isn’t hot.

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There are also naturally existing repellents like the urine of a predator of the raccoon, wolf urine for example, should make the raccoon think there is a wolf nearby but it generally just confuses them since most raccoons in the city have never seen a wolf.  

The real issue with using repellents that don’t work is that you will be letting the raccoon community slowly grow on your property. By the time you realize the repellents don’t work you could have a whole family of raccoons tearing into your garbage and making your life hell. And it won’t be long before they try to break into your attic and use it as their personal combination toilet, bedroom, and nursery.

Repellents don’t work, all they do is let raccoon populations grow unchecked. 

So what do you do? Chase them away with a broom? Raccoons are very territorial and they have sharp claws and they know how to use them. Attempting to attack a raccoon is a big mistake because they will attack back and there are likely going to be more of them than you can handle. 

Not to mention any scratch from a raccoon can be deadly, laced with a smorgasbord of diseases and parasites. It’s best to just stay away and call the professionals. At raccoon control we can get rid of our raccoon problem for good. 

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