Why do people consider raccoons as smart creatures?

Why do people consider raccoons as smart creatures?

Not a lot of people know that raccoons are considered one of the smartest animals on the planet. The reason for this is the size of their brain compared to their bodies. It’s really a bit. Like crazy big. This is the reason raccoons are so curious about their environment. Why they tend to chew and rip at things that don’t seem relevant to their survival. They can even use simple tools like levers and rocks for smashing. 

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This is all because raccoons are naturally curious. When they see an object they have never seen before they tend to want to play with it. This may include tearing vents off your house or ripping wires out of the wall. 

Raccoons are smart enough to know that if they tip over your garbage can they will find the food inside. They have amazing problem-solving skills that serve them very well when they chew their way into your attic, for the third time this year. 

As is widely known, raccoons are protected wildlife in Canada. For this reason, it is illegal to kill one. So, the removal process is a little different than you would guess. 

Now if you find one of these rascals in your attic don’t try to deal with it yourself. You could end up with a host of diseases. Instead, call the professionals. 

So, don’t take any chances, this is not a “do-it-yourself” job. What you need are the finest technicians, trained in every aspect of the dangers of raccoons, their lifestyle, and their habits. With skill and grace, we will rid you of this dangerous and disgusting intruder, clean and sterilize whatever it leaves behind and ensure that its little bandit face never bothers you again! 

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