What to do when raccoons break into your attic

What to do when raccoons break into your attic

If you hear loud noises coming from your attic there is a very good chance the noises are coming from an animal who has broken into your attic. These animals are searching for a warm place to live and normally to raise young. Sadly they also wreck the place while they are there. 

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The spring is the worst time to have a raccoon in the attic because of its baby season. So getting a raccoon out of your attic will be slightly more complicated as the babies will have to be removed first. 

How to resolve the situation is simple. You have a choice. You can try to deal with it on your own. Either with traps or repellents or whatever, you plan on using. Or you can hire professionals from Raccoon control. 

We can perform a full inspection of the external property to find signs of raccoon activity and full attic inspection to find not just signs of raccoon activity but signs of the presence of babies. We can remove the babies and get the raccoon out of your attic using a device called a one-way door. This device allows the raccoon to leave but stops them from getting back in. Once the raccoon is gone we can seal the entry point and then start cleaning the mess. 

With our hospital-grade commercial cleaners, we can guarantee that you will not even remember having a raccoon, we have commercial technology to clean the attic and replace the insulation like the raccoon was never there. don’t try to do all this on your own, you will drive yourself mad. Call the raccoon control and watch the magic happen.

The choice is clear, call raccoon control today.