What to do if you have a litter of raccoons in your attic

What to do if you have a litter of raccoons in your attic

Almost every time a raccoon breaks into an attic its because the raccoon is a pregnant female looking for a safe place to raise her young. Because of this, you cannot just trap or snare the raccoon and relocate it because the babies will not be able to survive without their mother. 

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However, if you can perform an inspection in your attic for the babies and get them out of the house they can actually work as bait to lead the mother out as well. If you then seal all the entry points the raccoons have used you will be successful in ending your raccoon hell. 

You can also press the mother to leave with the babies by using powerful repellents and loud music. It may not always be effective but its definitely worth a try. If the babies die they will create a terrible smell and the mother will eventually return and tear your house apart looking for her babies and she will not be happy at all when she learns they are dead. So don’t trap raccoons. Because it may just make the situation much, much worse. 

Baby raccoons are a big problem. If you don’t get them out before you get the mother out you will end up with a crazy raccoon mother destroying your house to get back to its babies. The babies must first be removed from the location before a trap or one-way door can be used to catch the mother raccoon. Don’t try this yourself, you may get attacked by the mother. Instead you should call the professionals. At Raccoon Control we have everything we need to make you, and keep you, raccoon free. 

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