What do raccoons eat in cities

What do raccoons eat in cities

Raccoons are capable of eating just about anything. Their short digestive tract lets them eat rotting food that would kill a human. Because of this, most raccoons eat out of the garbage. For them, it is a banquet hall. They will also eat smaller animals like mice. 

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Raccoons are omnivores so the simple answer to the question of what do they eat is basically anything at all. They will happily eat pet foods left overnight, outside. Rotting vegetables, worms from your compost, bird food, trash leftovers fish, alive or dead, eggs, small birds, chickens, yes chickens, fruit berries, and everything else you can imagine. 

They really do eat literally anything at all, and the city is replete with food for them to munch. Their dexterous and sharp claws can rip into just about anything and they are prone to knocking over garbage cans. 

Raccoons are also very hearty. They can survive hot and cold environments. They have a lot of babies, the males leave the mother after conception to go find more females to impregnate so there is no shortage of raccoon babies. 

And because they are in a city they have basically no predators, they are free to wander around and do whatever they want, eat your garbage, live in your attic. And remember they have protected wildlife so you can’t kill them or hurt them and they cant be trapped and taken more than a km from where they are without a license. 

You can try to catch these little guys yourself, with a trap, but they are very complicated and the reality is you are more likely to get attacked by the raccoon if you try to capture it. They can be truly vicious if they are cornered and letting them out of the trap will likely result in the animal attacking you and giving you some terrible disease like rabies.