What are the effects of mice on human health?

What are the effects of mice on human health?

It’s hard enough these days to stay healthy but having a rodent infestation can make it impossible. Mice, especially during the colder months when we are most in danger of getting ill, will try to get into your house.

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They will chew through whatever they can, or just wander through an open door or window and poop all over your food and house. This accumulation of feces from mice can spread dangerous bacteria and viruses. It can contaminate food and trigger allergic reactions. When it dries it becomes hazardous to anyone who breathes it and can cause all kinds of diseases, like these:

Hantavirus: a potentially life-threatening disease that humans can catch from rodents. They get infected by exposure to urine and infected droppings, usually through inhalation. The rats saliva can also carry this disease so don’t try cuddling with rats. The chance of getting these diseases increases dramatically when the animals are in your house. Bubonic Plague: who wants painfully swollen lymph nods! No one? That’s what I thought. If you want a terrible fever and headache while slowly dying then play with mice. If not, then don’t go near them. Salmonellosis: this kind of food poisoning is spread from rodent feces. When humans eat the contaminated food they experience diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. That’s why you need the professionals when you have a mouse problem. 

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