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Guaranteed Service

At Squirrel Removal Cambridge our licenced and experienced technicians will remove any squirrels that have invaded your property. While squirrels may not seem to be nuisance wildlife, they are indeed recognized as one considering they are known to cause destruction on your property. They tend to build their nests in areas such as attics, garages, and sheds. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to remove squirrels without professional help, but with the help of a wildlife expert, your home and property can be free from squirrels in no time.

Squirrels are very hyper creatures when they are in their natural habitats, and they can also become quite a nuisance when they invade other habitats as well. Unfortunately, a decrease in space and habitats in the wild is forcing squirrels to find and make new homes in new places. In some cases, this may be your property or home. If there is warmth, shelter, and an adequate food supply, squirrels may choose to take up residence near or inside your home. They will easily chew their way inside to gain entrance and cause possible damage to insulation and wires within your home. Once they find a way in, it can be very difficult to remove them since they are quite fast and will run when chased.

Our team works exclusively to find the entry points, remove the critters, and seal or repair any damage caused by the squirrels. Our guarantee is backed for two years and entirely humane and affordable. To have a professional wildlife specialist assist you with your unwanted critters, contact us for an inspection today.


How Our Squirrel Removal Process Works

After conducting an full extensive exterior inspection of the property in which we seek out all possible entry-points that squirrels may exploit to enter the property, we then present our findings to the property owner. The findings include a detailed list of recommendations for sealing up entry-points and photographic evidence for clarity and transparency throughout the process. These entry-points are structural gaps, holes, crevices, and vents that are situated around the property. Chimneys as well can be used by squirrels to give these critters a good nesting area. These entry-points need to be sealed to prevent thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs. These entry-points can easily be exploited by other squirrels and other types of wildlife and rodents as well such as mice and rats. 

To start the removal process, our technicians will strategically install a ‘One-Way Door’ based on the findings of the exterior inspection. In the majority of cases that we encounter, squirrels use one entry-point that they will also use to exit the property in search of food and water. The One-Way Door allows the squirrel to leave but not re-enter causing the squirrel to leave definitively. During the removal process, we never kill or harm the squirrel as we believe that humane and safe treatment of squirrels is our top priority. After installing the One-Way Door on the first visit, we then come for a second visit to remove the One-Way Door after which the technician will seal the entry-point with galvanized steel mesh. This ensures that the entry-point cannot be exploited again by the squirrel.  


All our technicians are seasoned experts and can determine and locate weak spots around the premises through a full exterior inspection. We carefully look for entry-points that can be breached by squirrels and present our findings to the property owner.


Once entry-points are found, we install a ‘One-Way Door’. The contraption allows the squirrel to exit the property but not re-enter. Squirrels will leave the property in a few days after the installment of the door. This guarantees a safe and humane way to eradicate squirrel presence.


After the squirrels take their leave, our technicians will then seal the entry-points with galvanized steel mesh to prevent another invasion from happening. This also ensures that other types of wildlife cannot exploit the same entry-points. We will also recommend strengthening other areas of the property as well. 

Guaranteed Results 

We promise that we will remove all the squirrels present on in the property with the help of our time-tested methods which are to be proven safe, ethical, and efficient. Additionally, we will provide effective squirrel exclusion services as well as proofing solutions so that any future infestation or breach is out of the question.

Discreet Services 

At Wildlife Removal Cambridge we understand the importance of privacy and discretion as wildlife removal as well as Wildlife Removal cases are highly sensitive personal matters. It is for this reason that we have chosen to deploy our all technicians in unmarked vehicles. Non-descript and simple. As it should be. 

Professional Staff

Each and every member on the Wildlife Removal Cambridge crew is licensed, trained, and has deep and profound knowledge of the wildlife animal or pest in question. Each technician had its fair share of tackling the most persistent infestations imaginable across the area helping countless families and businesses along the way. Squirrels are seriously no match for them wherever they hide whether that may be in chimneys, attics, behind walls, garages, or tucked away in a crawl space. 

Affordable Pricing 

At Wildlife Removal Cambridge we keep our prices fair and affordable because we know that a high quality of service does not only equal an expensive package deal. We wrap skill, knowledge, and expertise paired with a great warranty in a great bundle that is worth the investment! We are upfront with our prices and offer a detailed breakdown. If something is unclear, feel free to call us anytime and we’ll explain it to you. 


With over a decade of experience in dealing with pests, we have gotten to know our squirrels pretty well. All of our technicians are seasoned experts cracking the toughest cases for years. No infestation is too big for our crew at Wildlife Removal Cambridge! We have an impressive arsenal of tools and formulations to combat any type of infestation regardless of extent and severity. 

Safe Methods 

We take the well-being and safety of our technicians and our customers very seriously. We follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that we do everything with safety in mind. All of our technicians are insured and are also fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment. 

Guaranteed Squirrel Removal Services 

Wildlife Removal Cambridge guarantees complete removal of the squirrels in question and uses safe and humane techniques to rid the property of the squirrels. Our technicians can use a combination of techniques and alternatives when the situation asks for it. We have resolved and excluded countless squirrels throughout the Cambridge area and continue to do so with pride. With the help of Wildlife Removal Cambridge you won’t have to second-guess whether the animal has left as we offer our customers viable definitive solutions. Call us now and let us explain to you the process in more detail!

Nuisance Squirrel Removal

Due to the expansion of urban areas, forests are forced to recede and animals like raccoons, squirrels and skunks seek shelter and warmth in the safety of our homes. The problem doesn’t only lie in squirrels invading our homes. The problem is that they cause property damage and spread health problems. It gets rather difficult to remove squirrels from your property as they keep coming back. Squirrels gnaw holes in the roofs of homes to gain easy access, so even if you try to remove them yourself, they find their way right back.

It is best to contact professional wildlife removal services to help you get rid of such nuisance wildlife. We at Squirrel Removal Cambridge provide you with the best removal services. Our methods are innovative and guaranteed to relieve you of your pest problems in no time. Call us at 226-778-2056, speak to our technician and book an appointment right away.

What You Need To Know About Squirrels

These seemingly small creatures can cause a lot of damage that can easily add up to thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs if the problem remains untreated. Squirrels can cause damage in every part of the property by chewing, nibbling, and clawing on the roofing material, wood, flashing, or soffits.

Once they break into the attic, they can degrade insolation material and contaminate the area with their urine and feces. Over time, these smells can be noticeable indoors. 

Squirrels, just like any other rodents, spend their time chewing and nibbling on wood, and can even cause dangerous situations by chewing on wiring. This can create a fire hazard that can amount to unspeakable amounts of damage. Repairing wiring can be a costly and risky process.

Squirrels Proofing Solutions

Squirrels often invade attics because they are often in search of a warm and cozy space to overwinter. They usually chew their way in by exploiting weak points around the property. Attics provide squirrels with the perfect amenities to make their stay as comfortable for as long as needed. Squirrels often use the attic as a nesting area to deliver their young in which creates another host of issues on its own. Squirrels typically give birth twice a year. The first time being in the spring and secondly in the fall. 

Squirrels are mostly active during the very early hours of the morning. If you hear rustling, thumping, squeals, or see roof damage you might be indeed dealing with squirrels. Our technicians will come out to perform an inspection to determine where the squirrel is housing itself before starting on the squirrel removal phase.


Squirrel Invasions

Knowing that you have a squirrel invasion is not a difficult to understand. Squirrel sightings in or around your home is very common and the best way to know that you have an invasion. These rodents usually invade homes during the cool months of winter and fall. They invade your home in search of food, shelter and warmth. Squirrels can reproduce at least 3 to 4 times each year, and each litter is comprised of 2 or 3 young ones.

Squirrels leave their nest in search of food early in the morning and return at dusk. This is when you will hear maximum scampering noises from the attic or from the inside of your wall

Squirrel Problems

No matter where the squirrels decide to take up residence, they will always cause a problem. There can be extensive damage done to your home and attic from the constant chewing, creating holes and possible fires if they chew through wires. Not only are they destructive, but they are also loud and obnoxious at any time of the day. If they choose your home for their nest, they may leave to find food, but they will always return to the habitat they created. Naturally, with the fecal matter and rotting food trails, these critters will also leave behind a foul odour and stains from urine. This will pose a serious health risk to you and your family if left untreated, due to the possible spread of diseases. The quicker these pests are removed, the quicker you take back control of your home and health.

Potential Health Threats

Various studies have been carried out to verify if squirrels transmit any dangerous diseases. Other than the fact that these tiny creatures are carriers of various bacteria, squirrels are not found to spread any serious diseases. The food that is contaminated with their bacteria may affect one’s health. Squirrels also carry fleas and ticks that could get transferred on to pets at home.

These critters are fast and quite challenging to capture, but it’s also very important that you so do to prevent any health problems. Generally, when a homeowner attempts to capture squirrels using specific traps, they are only able to catch a few at a time – leaving behind many squirrels that pose a health risk. They easily spread bacterial and can contaminate any food or water that they touch. When they leave traces of urine and fecal matter inside your home, this also becomes a problem for your health. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that every, last squirrel is removed properly to avoid the spread of contamination and disease so that your entire family can feel safe.

Squirrel Removal Process - Squirrel Removal Cambridge

If you see a squirrel scurrying across your lawn, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you have a squirrel invasion. They only begin to become a problem when they cause structural damage and invade your home. They begin by finding the perfect spot to nest and create damage to your garden and possibly the inside of your attic and home. Squirrels may also cause some mayhem when they begin fighting with each other on your property. Once you notice this becoming an extreme problem, it’s time to call in professional help for removal.

When you contact us as your wildlife specialist, our first mission is to inspect your property for damage to the exterior and interior of your home. The examination will include determining how many squirrels have taken up residence on your property, how they found an entryway, where they are nesting, and identify the extent of the damage. Based on this information, the technicians will then use the most appropriate method and technique to remove the squirrels effectively from your property.



Getting Rid of Squirrels Outside

The most effective way to capture and remove squirrels is to trap them with a food-based bait and cage in a humane way. These traps should be set up where the squirrels are most frequently found and properly released back into their natural habitat once they are caught. This ensures that the squirrels that are causing mayhem will no longer be a problem on your property, but they will also be brought back to the home that they are most familiar with and belong in – back in the wild.

Getting Rid of Squirrels Outside

When you have a squirrel invasion inside your home, the need for a wildlife specialist becomes more essential. A professional will use the proper and safe methods for removal without harming the critters. Our technicians are qualified and trained to provide humane services for squirrel removal to ensure that these critters are released back to their natural habitats. Once the removal service is conducted, our technicians will then provide an exclusion service to make sure that your home no longer has any entryways for the squirrels to get back in.

Squirrels in the Attic - Squirrel Removal Cambridge

Have you been hearing a pitter-patter running across your roof? This may indicate that squirrels have built a nest inside your attic. This can pose problems for a few reasons. Since these critters are known to be destructive, they can chew anything and everything that gets in their way – making it dangerous if they chew on wires in your home or create holes in your roof and siding.

The attic is an ideal nesting spot for squirrels since it usually provides a warm spot for them to settle, especially if they have babies. Thus, making it crucial for usto properly inspect and identify an invasion before they cause extensive damage to your home. Not only will the squirrels cause immense damage to the wires and insulation, but they can also cause health problems for you and your family with their droppings. If you are noticing a foul odour, that may be a sign of a nuisance wildlife invasion, and professional help may be required.

Why Hire Professional Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels are fast and extremely territorial, making it difficult to capture and remove them from your home. By contacting a professional Wildlife Removal Cambridge specialist, you will no longer have to deal with the stress and headache of managing the problem on your own. Our team is qualified and trained on the behaviours and habits of squirrels, making it easier, safer, and faster for removal.

We guarantee that your home and property will be thoroughly examined for damage and invasion from the squirrels through an extensive inspection. Depending on the results of the inspection, we will walk you through what needs to be done and assist you with removing them and preventing future invasions on your property.

Squirrel Removal and Control Solutions

Our professional technicians are trained to provide the best removal and exclusion services to ensure that the squirrels are efficiently and humanely removed from your home. We will locate the entryway and properly seal off any exposed area to guarantee that no squirrels will find their way back in again. It’s our mission to provide these humane and reliable services to you, so contact us today to receive a proper inspection and removal.

Our staff at Squirrel Removal Cambridge is trained, licensed and skilled and we guarantee you complete removal of squirrels from your property. We use innovative, safe and humane methods to eradicate squirrels. Our technician will inspect your property to locate the access points used by squirrels to enter your home. Once located, the access points must be sealed to avoid any future invasions by nuisance wildlife.  We provide proper and reliable control services to help you keep these wildlife animals at bay. Call us at 226-778-2056 and avail yourself of our excellent animal removal services at affordable rates.