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Raccoon Removal Cambridge. Raccoons are well-known to be non-fussy eaters. This characteristic is what helps them survive in the human habitat with ease. Raccoons mainly feed on water creatures such as frogs, fish, clams and snails. However, they can also survive on insects, birds, bird eggs, vegetables, fruits and seeds. All of these items are found in abundance in urban homes. Hence, raccoons look for shelter where they can have easy access to these foods.

Recently, raccoons have been creating havoc by invading homes and disturbing the privacy of homeowners. They are responsible for property damages and unhygienic surroundings. Raccoons also pose a serious health threat as these mammals are carriers of germs and bacteria. Some raccoons are rabid and are a threat to domestic animals, especially pet dogs.

While raccoons may look cuddly and cute, they can cause mayhem on your property and should not be allowed to build a habitat near or in your home. The problem is – they quickly adapt to new environments and will find a way to make anything their home. These critters can become extremely destructive and may cause severe damage to your property. Not only that but they are also known to carry diseases, in some cases, and can become a threat to your health.


Raccoon Proofing Solutions

Raccoons often invade attics because they are often in search of a warm and cozy place to overwinter. They usually enter through force by prying, pushing, and nudging weak points around the soffit area. 

Since raccoons are usually active during the night, you might hear some noise during the late and early hours of the night and morning. Raccoons have adapted well to the urban environment and keep finding ingenious ways to get to their next meal. Generally, raccoons shy away from humans, but if a raccoon approaches you sporadically and seems disoriented stay away from it since the raccoon might be rabid.  

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We promise that we will remove all the squirrels present on in the property with the help of our time-tested methods which are to be proven safe, ethical, and efficient. Additionally, we will provide effective raccoon exclusion services as well as proofing solutions so that any future infestation or breach is out of the question.


At Wildlife Removal Cambridge we understand the importance of privacy and discretion as wildlife removal as well as Wildlife Removal cases are highly sensitive personal matters. It is for this reason that we have chosen to deploy our all technicians in unmarked vehicles. Non-descript and simple. As it should be. 

Professional Staff

Each and every member on the Wildlife Removal Cambridge crew is licensed, trained, and has deep and profound knowledge of the wildlife animal or pest in question. Each technician had its fair share of tackling the most persistent infestations imaginable across the area helping countless families and businesses along the way. Raccoons are seriously no match for them wherever they hide whether that may be in chimneys, attics, behind walls, garages, or tucked away in a crawl space. 

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At Wildlife Removal Cambridge we keep our prices fair and affordable because we know that a high quality of service does not only equal an expensive package deal. We wrap skill, knowledge, and expertise paired with a great warranty in a great bundle that is worth the investment! We are upfront with our prices and offer a detailed breakdown. If something is unclear, feel free to call us anytime and we’ll explain it to you. 

Raccoon Invasion - Raccoon Removal Cambridge

How to raccoon proof your garbage

Raccoons are quite smart and will find their way back to your property unless you take them further away and return them to their natural habitat. Once they have invaded your property, you are at risk of having the structure of your home (attic, roof, siding) being chewed on and destroyed by these critters. Eventually, this can lead to more significant and more expensive problems for your home.

To identify these animals, it’s not entirely difficult. They are medium-sized critters with striped tails and a face that resembles a black eye mask. They tend to look for warm areas and will be attracted to any property with food. Considering these critters have a lasting memory that can hold three years worth of information, it can be difficult to remove them from your property if you are inexperienced.

Since raccoons are highly adaptive creatures, it’s important that you handle the invasion as quickly as possible. Our raccoon removal services are humane and effective, all while remaining affordable. Our team will thoroughly inspect the area on your property to find where the raccoon has entered, and proceed by making a plan for repair and removal. Once we remove the raccoon(s), we will ensure that the entryway is blocked to guarantee that no additional unwanted critters enter your home.

We at Raccoon Removal Cambridge provide guaranteed effective wildlife removal services at affordable prices. Call us at 226-778-2056 and avail of our special services today.

The spread of urbanization has led wildlife animals, like raccoons; to invade human dwellings in search of food and shelter. Raccoons are known to invade homes during the cold winters as they look for shelter and warmth for their young. The best and most convenient place they can access is your attic. Raccoons chew their way into your attic, leaving a hole or gap as an access point. They use this entrance to gain entry into your home at any time.

When professional removal services eradicate raccoons from your property, it is imperative that they seal these access points. This will avoid future invasions and keep raccoons at bay. Call Wildlife Removal Cambridge for expert raccoon removal services.






Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are bothersome wildlife pests, as they damage property by chewing wires, insulation and pipes in your attic. If you decide to repair the insulation damage without first eradicating the raccoons from your property, you would just need to spend all over again as these raccoons will keep chewing your insulation. It is hence imperative that you first approach professional removal services to remove raccoons, put control measures in place and then go ahead with physical repairs.

Raccoons steal food from your kitchen, trashcan and bird feeder. They leave a mess in the act, by tipping over trashcans and leaving the birdfeeder open so the seeds fall all over the place. These are nocturnal creatures and most of their activity takes place during the night time. This is why you are likely to have cleaning-up work in the morning.

Raccoon Removal

Health Hazards

It’s well-known that raccoons carry dangerous parasites and diseases that are a potential health threat to you and your family. Each piece of food that the critter comes in contact with will be contaminated with bacteria from the raccoon, making it harmful for you if you are unaware of the raccoons’ invasion in your pantry. Thus making it even more crucial that you hire a professional to ensure these critters are properly removed.

Raccoon Removal Process

One of the primary reasons why it’s critical to have a professional remove raccoon from your property is mainly because of how difficult they are to handle and get rid of. Our professional wildlife experts will begin by inspecting your property both indoor and outdoor to examine the extent of the situation. The collection of information that we obtain from the inspection will determine how the raccoon achieved entrance, where they are residing, and how the team will remove the raccoon.

We will then use the most appropriate method for removal and prevention to ensure that the raccoons are gone from your property and will not return. During this process, we will use services that are humane to the wildlife and non-detrimental to your property and health. We understand that even though you dislike having these critters living on your property, you wouldn’t want them to be harmed, so we ensure the raccoons are returned to their natural habitat safely.

The next step in the process is the exclusion services to ensure that the raccoons do not find a way back onto your property. All entry points will be identified and sealed with unique materials that are safe for your family. In addition to this service, we will also provide you with preventive advice so that you can feel rest assured in knowing your property will stay free from raccoons.

Raccoon Damages

Raccoons may be fun to watch and look cuddly, however, they are known to cause extensive damage to your property if they are not removed safely and efficiently. They can destroy the structure of your home, and even may pose a health threat to you and your family with the diseases and parasites that they carry.

The damages they cause in your attic alone can become expensive and require a lot of repairs before your home becomes even more damaged with the weather. Raccoons are known for tearing apart insulation to create nests for their family, which can destroy the structure of your attic, causing holes. These holes can then allow rainwater to enter your home and create even more damage.

The health risk that raccoons pose is quite honestly one of the main reasons for removing these critters from your property. These animals do bite and can transfer diseases and infection through their scratches and bites. Through their droppings, they can also transfer parasites to your family and pets, causing potential health problems that may lead to death in some cases. It’s crucial to remove the raccoons as soon as you discover an invasion.



Why Hire a Professional Raccoon Removal Service

Whether or not this is your first time dealing with a wildlife invasion, you may be uneducated on how to properly manage and remove the raccoons. Hiring a professional will not only save you the stress of handling the situation on your own, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run as well. Our technicians are properly trained and educated in raccoon behaviour and removal services. We ensure that when you hire our team to manage the invasion, we will not only remove the raccoons efficiently but also take the proper measures to assure they will not return. When you hire a professional wildlife specialist, you are getting guaranteed services that will give you peace of mind in knowing that you will no longer have to suffer from this raccoon invasion.

It may seem impossible to handle the situation and find comfort in handling the removal, but our team guarantees the safe and effective removal to humanely remove them from your property. With our years of training and experience, we take care of the current invasion and ensure there are no problems in the future. The damages will be assessed and a proper plan for removal and repair will be set in place so that you can take back your home and be raccoon-free.

Raccoon Removal Cambridge

We at Raccoon Removal Cambridge are equipped with years of experience in trapping and safely removing raccoons with the use of innovative and humane measures. Our technician will investigate the level of invasion and also check for property damages before offering you the best-suited removal solution. We also offer you control measures to keep such nuisance wildlife at bay. Call us at 226-778-2056.