raccoon-removal-cambridgeRaccoon Removal Cambridge. Raccoons are well-known to be non-fussy eaters. This characteristic is what helps them survive in the human habitat with ease. Raccoons mainly feed on water creatures such as frogs, fish, clams and snails. However, they can also survive on insects, birds, bird eggs, vegetables, fruits and seeds. All of these items are found in abundance in urban homes. Hence, raccoons look for shelter where they can have easy access to these foods.

Recently, raccoons have been creating havoc by invading homes and disturbing the privacy of homeowners. They are responsible for property damages and unhygienic surroundings. Raccoons also pose a serious health threat as these mammals are carriers of germs and bacteria. Some raccoons are rabid and are a threat to domestic animals, especially pet dogs.

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Raccoon Invasion

The spread of urbanization has led wildlife animals, like raccoons; to invade human dwellings in search of food and shelter. Raccoons are known to invade homes during the cold winters as they look for shelter and warmth for their young. The best and most convenient place they can access is your attic. Raccoons chew their way into your attic, leaving a hole or gap as an access point. They use this entrance to gain entry into your home at any time.

When professional removal services eradicate raccoons from your property, it is imperative that they seal these access points. This will avoid future invasions and keep raccoons at bay.

Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are bothersome wildlife pests, as they damage property by chewing wires, insulation and pipes in your attic. If you decide to repair the insulation damage without first eradicating the raccoons from your property, you would just need to spend all over again as these raccoons will keep chewing your insulation. It is hence imperative that you first approach professional removal services to remove raccoons, put control measures in place and then go ahead with physical repairs.

Raccoons steal food from your kitchen, trashcan and bird feeder. They leave a mess in the act, by tipping over trashcans and leaving the birdfeeder open so the seeds fall all over the place. These are nocturnal creatures and most of their activity takes place during the night time. This is why you are likely to have cleaning-up work in the morning.

Raccoon Eradication

We at Raccoon Removal Cambridge are equipped with years of experience in trapping and safely removing raccoons with the use of innovative and humane measures. Our technician will investigate the level of invasion and also check for property damages before offering you the best-suited removal solution. We also offer you control measures to keep such nuisance wildlife at bay. Call us at 226-778-2056.