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Pigeon Control Service in Cambridge


City homeowners and businessmen have constant infestation issues with birds and other wildlife. There is a myriad of Do-It-Yourself treatment options and home remedy kits available in the market. But are they really constructive and do they guarantee the job they are created for? We doubt it. It takes a lot more than just the use of bird deterrents to get rid of an infestation.

When you realize that you have a pigeon infestation, it is best to contact professional removers to analyze the level of infestation before offering the best solution to suit your requirements. Pigeons breed and multiply quickly, so you may notice just a few of them perching on your roof top and within a few days, you are bound to notice the number of pigeons gradually increasing. This is because once the pigeons realize that they can nest on your building without being deterred, word spreads and you’ll have many more joining the lot.

At Pigeon Removal 226-778-2056, we understand the biology and nature of pigeons. Our experts are trained and licensed to deal with eliminating such unwarranted infestations from your property without much trouble. Call 226-778-2056 right away and speak to our technician who will reserve an appointment at your convenience.

Pigeon Habitation

Pigeons adapt to their surroundings very easily. They live on seeds, grains and regular hand-outs given to them by humans. This behavior of humans feeding birds has made pigeons less intimidated by the proximity of humans and hence they do not face any major challenges when nesting and roosting in homes, buildings or other structures close to humans. Pigeons build nests with all kinds of material. Some scraps of this material, along with pigeon feathers and accumulated droppings are the major reason for ventilation blockages and other such outlet obstructions. This leads to further problems and the repairs cost an extensive lot.

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Pigeons Pose a Serious Health Threat

Pigeons carry mites, ticks and fleas that easily transmit onto other animals or pets in the area. Their droppings harbor fungus and bacteria that are a major cause of serious illnesses such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis and coccidiosis, among many others. The acid present in their urine also causes damages to the finish on vehicles or monuments and other garden ornaments; and the stains are almost impossible to get rid of. You can avoid being infected with these diseases by eradicating these birds from your property as soon as you realize that you have an infestation.

Efficient and Reliable Bird Removal Solutions

Our removal and control experts at Pigeon Removal 226-778-2056 are licensed to provide you with the best and most effective solution to resolve your bird problems. We inspect your property and locate all the nesting spots before proceeding with the bird removal treatment. We ensure that after the removal procedures are carried out, we move on to the control measures that need to be put in place to avoid future bird infestations. You can count on us for a thorough and efficient job. Contact us at 226-778-2056 to book your appointment right away.

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