Remove raccoons from chimeny 

Remove raccoons from chimeny 

Chimneys seem like a great spot to Raccoons, they crawl in, safe from the weather, and since most people have sealed their chimney off on the inside with a gas or electric fireplace the raccoon will likely end up trapped unless it can climb its way out. If they happen to die in your chimney the smell will emanate and it will be rank. If you have raccoons in your chimney the most important thing to do is not try to get them out yourself! You need to call in professionals!

Got a raccoon you need to get rid of? Contact raccoon removal Cambridge, and we’ll get your life back on track!

We start by sending our trained and knowledgeable technician to your home. He will begin with a highly focused external inspection to find entrance ways used by the raccoon. If more than one is found, we can write up an affordable quote to have them sealed. 

That’s not all though. During raccoon baby season its required that we perform a low-cost inspection for the presence of raccoon babies, which are non-mobile for most of their youth. If this inspection and removal are not done, then you can expect the mommy raccoon to tear your house apart to get back to its babies which will mean more damage and more work to get rid of the nasty little guy. 

Now once the technician has located the entrance and removed any babies from inside the attic, he will begin sealing entry ways with steel mesh. On the main entrance the technician will install a special device called a one-way door (OWD) that allows the raccoon to leave the attic but prevents them from getting back in! Nice try raccoon, but your lease is up! 

That sounds great, right? Want to know what sounds better? The price! As if it wasn’t enough to be raccoon free you can do it for as little as $325 + HST. If an inspection is needed for the babies, we can do it for $125.00, the actual removal of the babies is totally free! And those extra entryways? No problem, we can fill those in for $20 a foot, so cheap you could wrap your whole house in steel mesh! Just kidding, that would be crazy expensive. 

With a 2-year warranty on all our work, why wait, call us today!