How To Remove Skunk Smell In House

Skunks are notoriously stinky creatures who can wreak havoc on your home if they see you as a threat and decide that they need to spray. Skunks spray as a natural defence mechanism and will not hesitate to use this powerful tool on predators or enemies. You might not think of yourself as a skunk’s enemy, but if they see you that way you could be in big trouble. Always call us for skunk removal Cambridge help. 

Skunk spray has been compared to pepper spray. Both smells assault your nasal passages and can cause a whole host of temporary problems from sinus pain to headaches. That is to say nothing of the smell, which is potent and has serious staying power. If a skunk manages to spray inside of our house, it can be tempting to want to put up the For Sale sign immediately. 

General Skunk Tips

Most people find themselves or homes drenched in skunk spray because they attempt to remove a skunk infestation without professional help. Never attempt to move skunks from under your deck or property, especially if there is a nest of skunks or babies nearby. The skunks will become agitated and certainly attack to defend what they perceive to be their territory. Ontario also has a lot of laws regulating the treatment of wild animals, including skunks. Be on the safe side and call in the professionals.

If you do get sprayed do not touch your eyes. Skunk spray can irritate your eyes like almost nothing else on the planet. Immediately wash your hands and take a shower. Throw your clothes in the washing machine with hot water and do not touch other people or furniture, as the skunk smell will translate to them.

Getting Skunk Stink Out Of Of Your Home

Natural Remedy

You can get the stink of skunk out of your home with a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Generally speaking, you’ll want to mix a quart of hydrogen peroxide with roughly ⅓ cup baking soda. Protect your hands and wash the area with a rag dipped in this solution. Skunk spray is very potent, so you might need to do a few applications of the solution. 


Many people don’t like to use bleach because they hate the chemical smell, but nothing is really better for getting that skunk scent of out wood or concrete. Bleach will often eat through fabric, so avoid using it on materials. The general rule is to use one cup of bleach per gallon of water. If you are using bleach, remember to always use rubber gloves and protect your eyes. Make sure that the area is completely ventilated. You might have to apply the mixture a few times, but bleach will get the skunk smell out.

Remember, the best way that you can avoid having an interaction with a skunk is to take preventative measures and call in the professionals if you suspect an infestation. Be smart and don’t attempt to remove skunks on your own.