How To Remove Raccoons From Attic

How To Remove Raccoons From Attic

Attics are naturally hospitable places for raccoons because they offer just about everything that these animals could want.  If you have a raccoon family living in your attic call us for professional raccoon removal Cambridge.

Attics are great places to take shelter from the elements, are safe from predators, are warm and also are not generally frequented by humans. This makes them private and safe spaces for raccoons to take shelter or make nests. There are a number of different reasons why raccoons might be eyeing up your attic. Perhaps they want a nice place to make their nest, or they just want to take shelter for the winter. Whatever the cause of the raccoons, getting rid of them could be a very time consuming and difficult task.

How Do I Know If There Are Raccoons In My Attic?

  • You will know that there could be a problem if there are strange sounds coming out of your attic. If there are animals in your attic they will move around and make noise. Raccoons will generally make a lot of noise at night, so if you hear scurrying or scratching in your attic, it might be a sign of an infestation.
  • You could have an infestation if there are smells coming out of your attic that you don’t recognize. Raccoons will need to go to the bathroom when they are in your attic, and their urine and feces will stink. You might get strange whiffs on the lower floors of your house. Depending on how long the animals have been in your house, they could die, leaving a distinct scent that will certainly tell you that you have a problem on your hands. 
  • If your home has structural damage near the eaves, gutters or roof, you could have an infestation. Raccoons will need a way to get into your home, and most of the time they will leave a telltale track. Look for missing or broken shingles, holes, or damaged gutters.

How Do I Get Raccoons Out Of My Attic

If you determine that you have a raccoon infestation, it is important to remember that you should never try to remove these animals on your own. Ontario has very strict laws regarding the treatment of wildlife. You are not allowed to unnecessarily harm or kill raccoons, and there are very stringent rules about how long you can trap them for.

In addition to humane concerns, raccoons can become very aggressive if they feel cornered. You could get bit or scratched by one easily. This is especially true if the raccoon infestation is due to a pregnant raccoon who has just had a litter of young. You absolutely do not want to leave it alone.

Professional wildlife removal experts will be able to get rid of the raccoons in a way that does not harm them or causes your home any damage. In addition, they will be able to identify where the raccoons got in and raccoon-proof your home so it does not happen again. When raccoons infest your attic, you have a problem. Make sure you call in the professionals for the right solution.