How To Keep Raccoons And Possums Out Of Your Yard

Raccoons and possums do not obey signs telling them not to trespass, and you might find them in your yard from time to time. Call us for a professional raccoon removal Cambridge: 226-778-2056 and we will remove them fast and effectively.

Raccoons and possums don’t just live in the country. They can be found in the city and suburbs also. When it comes to these wild critters, you might find them adorable, but keep in mind that they are unpredictable animals that are certainly not the same as domesticated pets.

What Not To Do Around Raccoons And Possums

Staying safe around raccoons and possums comes down to staying away from these animals unless you absolutely need to interact. They are shy and can become aggressive if you approach them. Even if you don’t see yourself as a threat, a wild animal will not look at things the same way. Keep these tips in mind when you are in the vicinity of raccoons and possums.

  • Do Not Approach Them:This is the cardinal rule of interacting with any wildlife. These animals are not domesticated and cannot be expected to act like pets. If you approach them they could feel very threatened and attack. Also, raccoons and possums are nocturnal animals. If you see one outside during the daytime it could be rabid. If you see any wild animals exhibiting strange behaviors, call professionals immediately.
  • Do Not Try To Trap Them Yourself: Ontario has very strict laws regarding wildlife. Do not try to trap raccoons or possums yourself. Always call in the professionals who can remove the animals humanely and keep you safe as well. 
  • Do Not Feed Them:The last thing that you want to encourage is wild animals to congregate around your house. Feeding them will only encourage them to stick around, and might even prompt them to set up nests under your deck. They are wild animals and able to forage for food all on their own.

How Do I Keep Them Out Of My Yard?

Make your yard inhospitable for raccoons and possums by taking a few steps to let them know that they are unwelcome. 

  • Set up motion control lights. Raccoons and possums are shy and private creatures. If you set up motion control lights they will find your yard to be a less than hospitable place to be. Set them up near trash cans to deter these animals from foraging through your garbage.
  • Use sprinklers to make raccoons and possums stay away. These animals do not like to get wet, so sprinklers are a great way to deter them while still being humane. The other fringe benefit is that you will have a nice looking lawn also.
  • Make sure that your garbage is sealed properly. Use a tight-fitting lid or even a large rock to keep critters out of your trash. Make sure that you seal up all of your garbage in sturdy bags.

Raccoons and possums might be cute, but they can be pests if left to have free roam over your yard. Keep them away in a humane fashion and you’ll be much happier.