How To Get Rid Of Skunks Under Your Deck

How To Get Rid Of Skunks Under Your Deck

Skunks might be adorable creatures, but they can also wreak havoc on your home; to say nothing on the pungent smell that they emanate when feeling threatened. 

Anyone that has ever been on the wrong end of a skunk attack can attest to the fact that their ‘perfume’ is difficult to get out of clothes, off your skin, and out of your hair. It’s the skunk’s most effective deterrent against predators, so you can’t blame them for using it. Most of us would rather not deal with it though and would prefer professional wildlife removal Cambridge services.

Skunks are not limited by No Trespass signs, so don’t be surprised if they wander into your yard. Sometimes skunks can make their nests under your deck and settle in as unwelcome backyard guests. Skunks will nest under your deck for a variety of reasons. Decks are nice and warm, provide shelter from larger predators and protect skunks from the elements. Since humans rarely go poking around under their decks, skunks can be relatively assured that they won’t run into the human owners of the house.

Pregnant skunks will nest under decks so that they have a safe place to give birth to their litters. Like any animals with small young, mother skunks can be aggressive and protective. This is another reason why you will not want them to make your deck their preferred home.

Skunks, like raccoons, are attracted to garbage cans. If you want to make your yard inhospitable to skunks, make sure that your cans are secured and inaccessible to skunks or other vermin. You might also want to install a sprinkler system. Like many pests, skunks do not like to deal with sprinklers.

Ammonia is a great deterrent when it comes to getting rid of skunks. They hate the smell of it. Leave a few ammonia-soaked rags in the bottom of your garbage cans and you will let skunks know that they are not welcome. Chances are, they won’t try poking around other areas of your yard, like your deck.

If you do find a skunk infestation under your deck, remember that it’s both inhumane and dangerous to try to remove them without expert help. Ontario protects all sorts of animals, including skunks, and does not allow you to kill or harm the animals without just cause. Pregnant or new mom skunks might be very aggressive and spray or bite you. It’s far better to call in professional exterminators who can remove the animals quickly and make your backyard and deck area an inhospitable area for new skunks.

Don’t leave the skunks under your deck no matter what you do. It is a true recipe for disaster. They will destroy valuable parts of your home infrastructure and create a dangerous environment for you and your family. Infestations are no joke, and where there is one or two skunks there are bound to be plenty more. It’s far better to nip the problem in the bud. You will want to remove them with the help of trusted professionals.