How To Deter Skunks Around House

It’s no surprise that skunks are unwelcome guests in your yard. Not only are these animals wild creatures, but they also emanate a smelly substance that is very difficult to get out of clothes and skin. If you have animals or children, you definitely do not want skunks around your home and it is better to call professional skunk removal Cambridge services

Dogs are notorious for chasing skunks and will generally wind up getting sprayed. A dog that has been sprayed by a skunk can be very difficult to clean off. Similarly, children will sometimes chase wild animals, mistaking them for pets. Since skunks spray when they are feeling threatened, they could spray your child. Skunk spray is just as potent as pepper spray, and getting it into your eyes could cause major irritation and even damage. It’s best to keep skunks out of your yard, but how do you it humanely?

Skunks, like most animals, are attracted to garbage and places that they see as hospitable. Deter skunks by letting them know that your home is not one that they would see as welcoming. 

Seal Off Garbage Cans

Don’t invite skunks to the buffet. Seal off garbage cans using firmly fitting lids. If your can insists on opening up, try setting a rock on the top or sealing it with tight bungee cords. Make sure that you are bagging your garbage properly.

Skunks also hate the smell of ammonia, so why not put a few ammonia-soaked rags at the bottom of your can? The animals will smell the ammonia and know that they should find somewhere else to have dinner.

Use A Sprinkler System

Skunks don’t like to get wet. Using a sprinkler system will have the benefit of keeping your grass nice and green while also deterring skunks. You can certainly purchase sprinklers that will go off at certain times. If you have an effective sprinkler system, skunks will find another place to go.

Sprinklers will also stave off animals like squirrels and raccoons, keeping your yard free of these unwanted critters. They are a great idea for any homeowner.

Let There Be Light

Motion lights are another great way to tell skunks to find another place to go. Skunks like privacy, and are by nature very private animals. They do not want to have a light shone on them. Motion lights will do all of the work for you. If they detect a creature moving around, they will immediately go on.

Put motion lights near your trash and rid your yard of skunks and raccoons. You will be pleasantly surprised by how effective this simple step is. As an added bonus, you will also be deterring would-be thieves and making your yard more hospitable to wanted guests, like family and friends.

Keeping skunks off your property can be done humanely and fairly easily. These simple steps will keep these creatures off your yard and out of your hair. If you do find yourself with an infestation, don’t try to handle the animals yourself. Always call in a professional service to remove them humanely.