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How Do You Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Garbage

Raccoons are the ultimate scavengers, so it should be no surprise that they see your trash cans as the ultimate buffet. While these little masked creatures might look cute, they are true pests if they find a home in your yard. You really don’t want them to see your trash as a free dinner every night, but it can be difficult to keep them out of there, especially if they’ve already learned that the cans contain delicious garbage.

Fortunately, there are a few humane ways to keep these creatures out of your garbage cans. Never resort to inhumane methods like poisoning them or trapping them. Ontario has very strict laws about the handling of wildlife, so if the infestation is out of control it is always best to call in the professionals. Professional raccoon removal Cambridge companies are skilled at getting rid of unwanted vermin in a way that is humane for them and hassle-free for you. If you don’t want a full on raccoon party at your house, consider taking these steps to keep raccoons out of your garbage in the first place.

Buy Really Good Bins

You don’t want to skimp on bins. Remember, raccoons are opportunists and will go for the path of least resistance. If your bins are sturdy and hard to open, raccoons will be more likely to search for greener pastures. Make sure that the lids fit securely on the bins and that you shut them properly each time that you use them.

The best bins are not useful if they aren’t closed properly. Each person in your family should be instructed to close the bins until they lock shut. Good bins are a great way to get rid of raccoons.

If you don’t have the money or time to invest in good bins, you can always secure your existing lids with bungee cords or by weighing it down with a big rock. Make it hard for the raccoons to get in, and you’ll find that they will go elsewhere.

Use Light 

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that do not like motion detector lights. Set them up near your garbage and the raccoons will quickly learn that they can’t eat in peace. As an added bonus, these lights will keep away other creatures that you don’t want to be poking around your garbage.

Motion lights are relatively easy to install and are a very effective way to keep critters out of your trash. This simple step could save you from unwanted creatures in your garbage.

Turn On The Water

Sprinklers are a great deterrent for raccoons. Like most animals, they do not want to get wet, so simply throw in a little water and they will find another place to have dinner.

As an added bonus, sprinklers keep your lawn looking its best.  

Keeping raccoons out of your garbage is easy enough if you take the steps that we have outlined here, but if you find yourself with an infestation remember to call in the professionals. Never try to handle it yourself.