Can Baby Skunks Spray

We all know that adult skunks can wreak some serious havoc with their defensive spray, but many of us will see baby skunks as being adorable and harmless creatures. They are not, and in fact, baby skunks can inflict just as much damage as their grown counterparts. Call us today and we will help help you with skunk removal Cambridge.

Baby skunks can indeed spray. Some skunks develop the ability to spray when they are a few weeks old, and all skunks will be able to use their potent spray by three months old. The real problem with baby skunks spraying is that they have less control over it than adults. Mature skunks can release a small amount of spray to ward off a predator, but baby skunks are unable to measure out their spray. This actually might make them more dangerous than older skunks. They are much more unpredictable.

Why Would Baby Skunks Spray?

Like any other type of animal, baby skunks spray because they feel threatened. Whether or not you perceive the situation as dangerous is irrelevant. Baby skunks will spray predators to get away from them. This is why it’s especially important to dissuade children from picking up baby skunks, or any other type of animal. These creatures could mistake innocent affection for a threat and spray them. 

What Do I Do If I Find A Baby Skunk?

If you find a baby skunk out in the wild, leave it alone. Do not approach it, even if it seems like it’s by itself. There is a good chance that the mother skunk is located somewhere nearby, and she will not hesitate to attack or spray you. Keeping your distance from baby animals is always advisable.

If you find a baby skunk under your deck, or as part of a nest in your house, you might have an infestation. At this point, you will need to call in professional help to rid yourself of the skunks. Never attempt to move baby skunks, especially those in a nest, by yourself. You could invoke the ire of the mother skunk, risk getting sprayed or attacked by the baby, or even hurt the young animal. It’s important to proceed with caution when you come across such a nest. The first thing that you need to do is call in a professional and explain your problem. Ontario has serious laws regulating how wild animals are treated. You cannot unnecessarily hurt or injure them, and you can only trap them for small periods of time. Due to these restrictions, it’s advisable to leave any animal removal to the experts. 

Professional wildlife removal Cambridge experts will be able to assess the situation and remove the animals without causing them stress or trauma. They will make sure that both the mother and baby skunks are removed in the safest way possible. 

Do not mess around with baby skunks. Not only are they arguably more dangerous than older skunks, but they are also protected by Ontario law. Make sure that you do the right thing if you find a baby skunk in your yard.