How to Keep Skunks Away

Skunks are primarily interested in loitering about human habitat and then setting up base there if they have plenty of food to eat.

Highly omnivorous, skunks feed off a range of insects, from grasshoppers, crickets and beetles to just about any other insect they can grab for themselves, field and house mice, other small mammals, small fowl, grubs and worms, plant food, and pet food that may be lying around. (more…)

Professional Squirrel Removal

When you’re up against a squirrel invasion, calling on the services of professional squirrel removal companies is probably the best way to handle the problem. After all, while you are probably dealing with this kind of a situation for the first time, these experts have probably done it a dozen times and more already! (more…)

Why Do You Need Help With Raccoon Removal?

In the era of the internet, theoretical knowledge on a variety of issues is easily available and so is the case with tips on raccoon removal. However, in this episode on raccoons and the associated solutions to these pesky pests and their invasions, we will tell you why you need help with raccoon removal, and shouldn’t really attempt to tackle this problem on your own. (more…)

How to Deal With Squirrels in Attic

Debdorshi Squirrels wreaking havoc in attic is an extremely common problem. Attics are usually dry, comfortable and is the perfect place for squirrels to store their food and settle down. However, squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your attic, which may result in huge repairing costs. If you are wondering about how to remove squirrels from your attic, then consider the following points: (more…)

Do I Need to Clean Up After Raccoon Invasion?

Cleaning up after a raccoon not only prevents future invasions, it also prevents the spread of harmful elements that can possibly pose as health hazards for you, your family, and even your pets or livestock. Getting rid of the mess raccoons often leave behind also help in discouraging this wild animal from going back and invading parts of your home. (more…)

Raccoon Control – Effective Ways to Control Them

The evidence is not very hard to find. Raccoons leave behind obvious clues that give away their presence. Paw prints, droppings, rummaged trash, and more are all signs that suggest you may have raccoons in or around your house. It is vital to act fast when you are faced with possible raccoon problems. Raccoons are intelligent and mischievous critters that are relentless when it comes to hunting for food and shelter. If they are already inside your home, they are creating a huge mess and possible structural damages. If the raccoons are still outside, then use this time to keep them out with basic raccoon prevention. Continue reading to learn how to handle a raccoon infestation problem, inside and outside of your home. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks may seem adorable but they can create a great nuisance when present in your property. Some people may find it hard to tolerate the smell of the skunks, especially due to their noxious spray. Besides, they can bite and cause diseases in humans. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of the animal as soon as you spot one in your property. Here is how to get rid of skunks humanely.

1. Prevention
The best way to deal with intruding skunks are preventing their entry to your property. If your area has lots of skunks, it is important to take preventive actions so that your don’t let them make their homes in your house. They generally find shelter under the decks and in the burrows of the yard. You must close any such burrows or gaps and block decks to prevent them from making their homes. Fencing is a great way to keep skunks away, but make sure you get rid of them before creating a fence around your home. If you are not sure if a skunk is present in your property before fencing, install one-way doors so that they may escape but cannot return back.

2. Use deterrents
Deterrents may also keep away skunks from your house or garden. Use lights wherever you suspect a skunk. If your property is well lit during the night, skunks will definitely not choose to enter the place. You may also remove food sources that attract the skunks. Empty your garbage bin and do not leave any food in places easily accessible by the skunks. It will help you get rid of skunks in a natural way.

3. Traps
If in case the above methods fail, you may invest in a good quality bait to catch the skunks and free them far away from your house. This will help in removing them in a natural way without causing any harm to the animal. Once you trap and relocate them, follow the above prevention methods and deterrents to keep them away. If the smell of the skunks persists in your house, use a skunk smell removal product.

Though killing the skunks can also help you get rid of them, it is recommended not to do so unless absolutely necessary. Since they can be removed in the humanely way, it is best not to kill them. You may also call the local animal control or skunk removal services to handle the issue in a safe and professional way.

Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Garden

Squirrels in the garden are rather dangerous. They can uproot planted seeds or ruin growing vegetables. They also tend to snack on young seedlings, fruits and berries. In short, squirrels are a nuisance and cause many problems in your garden. Continue reading to know the ways of getting rid of squirrels in the garden.

  1. Fence your garden with a wire mess

As mentioned above squirrels will dig up bulb and tea off vegetables in search for foods. Sometimes even for fun. Therefore, you need to protect your garden from the entry of these creatures. Since they do not fly, fencing the garden with a mesh wire can help. While fencing, bury the mesh wire, at least, one foot on the ground. Squirrels will never dig under it. (more…)